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July 29

Since I just made this journal and just started selling and buying off LJ not that long ago, I don't have much feedback. Please if you've ever done any transactions with me, feel free to leave feedback!

Ebay Account : Kaleighx and http://fxxck.livejournal.com/27574.html

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December 31
Ipod with Leather Case! Great condition... few scratches from everyday wear but I would give it about an 8. The leather case is what took most of the beating, probably about a 5. Im selling it because my dad said he is going to help me pay for half of a new ipod for college. =) The ipod will not come with any music, just the case and the USB charger. All itunes software and whatnot can be downloaded for free on the apple website. Feel free to message me for any questions! =) Paypal only so the transaction will go smoothly and safe!

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# .oo3 RULES; [
June 6

Here are the rules so all transactions are safe and smooth;

• I do not mind staying in contact, it is actually preferred so please leave your email when you comment if you're interested in something.

•Currently, I am not shipping out of US&Canada. I just dont know international prices, and I would think its unfair to jack up prices that much for international shipping.

•Very, very, very rarely do It ake concealed cash.. I deal with PAYPAL ONLY. Is is the safest way of payment for both parties. (Add $.50 for fees if using a Credit Card)

•I will always ship first class. If you would like a confirmation/tracking number it will be extra (I will get you exact price) but I will always be glad to get that for you!

I am currently not doing trades. I am going to be flying alot this summer to see my best friend who moveds wicked far and I could really use the extra money.. thats why I set up this selling journal. Thank you sososo much for understanding

Yep, thats it!

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